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Connect with High-Quality Leads.

Make your personal brand profitable.

Get ahead of your competition.

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Do you struggle with your online marketing?

✅Have you started marketing your expertise online only to get crickets and close to zero results…?
✅Do you want to stand out from the rest of the people who are doing the same thing as you are?
✅Do you find it hard to attract high-quality and paying leads online?
✅Does it feel like you are doing it all wrong and your efforts has no direction?
✅Are you doing it all by yourself and have been doing all the guesswork?

I can help you spread your message clearly, get you ahead of your competition, and become more profitable through my core strengths...

Branding and Messaging

Creating a persuasive, clear, and powerful message will help you convert more clients. Your time is precious, let’s make sure every time you appear in any form of media, that you are always attracting and appealing to high-quality leads.

Community Growth

Discover how growing a community can be an asset to your brand. Learn what wonders it can do to help you spread your brand message and increase your revenue.

Public Relations

Elevate and position your brand as a credible resource and become the go-to person of your industry. Sharpening your personal brand means ensuring that people can trust you.

I’ll help you using my proven process...

Crafting Your Custom Branding Strategy
Creating a Conversion-FocusedSocial Media Plan
And help you build a profitable community that focuses on Community Growth and Retention
Then I’ll Strengthen Your Credibility by Giving You a Comprehensive PR Strategy
Sustain Brand Relevance for Consistency is the Key!!

Hey, I’m Melissa.

Your Branding, PR and Community Growth Specialist

I have a decade of experience in varied areas of Marketing and Sales and I’ve put my best practices on my headline.

From traditional face-to-face high-ticket product selling, telesales, multi-level marketing, and endless pitching and presentations, I have coursed through these and excelled in several industries.

I’ve led up not less than 500 people in doing sales and marketing.

I co-founded Social Media Academy which caters to educating individuals who would like to learn how to maximize the power of social media and apply strategies on their businesses or clients. Our free facebook group now has over 10k people with an awesome engagement and we’ve got hundreds of members inside our exclusive community.

Here are some pieces I've published for clients under Prime Press...

Recent Articles I've Written...

Ready to be a mini-celebrity of your industry?

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