More and more businesses are starting to bank on their Social Media presence and get it leveraged to people who knows exactly how it should run.

Because Social Media is definitely a hot item nowadays.

According to Statista’s 2016 Facebook usage report, 22% of the world’s population are using Facebook! If I am a business owner, I would definitely take advantage of that trend and make sure my business captures eyeballs, right?

And that thought is actually happening!

Smart insight’s hiring trends report proves that THE DEMAND IS REAL as Digital Marketing job hiring trend tops off all other marketing skill sets needed by companies. While it doesn’t specify social media in that report, keep it mind that it is one of the most important branches of Digital Marketing.

So the need for Social Media Managers is on the rise. And you probably want to become one since you’ve clicked on this article, right?

But how does one ACTUALLY become a social media manager? If this is the path you are planning to take then read on as I reveal a few things that might shock you.

Although, there is no course available in Universities for this topic in particular. Right now, there are several free certifications you can take if you would like to become a Social Media Manager.

But Why? Why are there no courses available in Universities?

Well this is my opinion, for that matter:

Social Media is continuously evolving and new trends arise from time to time whenever there are certain developments done on the most famous platforms. So whatever social strategies you’ve had last 2 years might not be as effective as this year, because Facebook loves to change. It is so unpredictable yet fascinating and exciting!

So the big question is how to become a Social Media Manager?

The shocking truth is, you can become a Social Media Manager even if you don’t have any certifications! At all.


You can create a page anytime, Well.. Hear me out, Yes, that may be true, but hold that thought FIRST!

It really depends on your ability to learn and catch new skills. Either you do things on your own OR you ask for expert help and enroll in such courses.

These were the best resources that I’ve reviewed (For Beginners ):

From there, I realized that it was time for me to stand up and become super serious about Social Media and turn this sudden path into a career ( I will tell you why it became a sudden change in my next post soon!).

Others will tell you to go to school and learn the basics, but like what I’ve said, it all depends on you, who you are and what you can do. Always make sure to consider your learning abilities.

If you think you can start on your own, then go ahead, but if you are not confident enough to become one and needs some extra help, it doesn’t mean that you’re anything different, it’s just how you learn stuff. Gary Vaynerchuk, a super popular marketing influencer supports this thinking, and this is what he said when asked: ” Should you take a social media class? “, He admitted that he’s a self-taught individual, like me, and has put his inquisitive initiatives to practice. You are not an opportunistic person because the job is what’s on trend and in demand. You just have to know your capacity learn!!

Here I am cheering for you with whatever path you’ll choose to take!


Here’s more, check out Gary’s answer to the question: Should You Take a Social Media Marketing Course?

So, there you go, think about it. For you, is it worth to enroll in a social media marketing course or not? You vote! 🙂

Is it worth the money to enroll in a social media marketing course or not?

I am not sure.

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If you said no, maybe or still unsure if you really want to dig into this, then here are a few things you can try as early as now. Only if you want to practice social media marketing and management on your own:

  1. Build A following for niche accounts.
  2. Build your social media presence or simply amplify your digital and personal brand.
  3. Do not read headlines, delve and embrace the topics, then APPLY.
  4. Follow social media gurus’ advice and tips ( try listening to cool podcasts! )
  5. Explore tools and test them on your own.

Like what I said, it all depends on you, you can become one soon, as long as you have some results to show. After all, most business owners are after your “capabilities” and not certifications.

I am just curious though, which one are you: self-learner or needs to enroll in courses? Would love to hear from you through the comments below!

In conclusion

I believe Social Media is still in its early stages nowadays. Choosing to learn on your own or graduating from a course is really up to you.
What matters is your ability to embrace new ideas and knowledge. 

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