Traffic, too much time and energy wasted, income not sufficient for daily needs – these three were the top reasons why I had to become a freelancer and eventually work from home. I had to! It just felt like it was a must.

I started my freelancing career last 2016, and I can teach you how to earn your first six digits in just two months! Yep, you heard that right, two months. You might be saying “Blah another scam”–Hold that thought! I just want to let you know that I won’t be selling you anything. I’m here to share my experience and success to people like you. I was once reading blogs too until I’ve discovered and mastered the key things you should be aware of when freelancing.

So before anything else, I’d like to introduce myself…

I am a 26 years old freelancer, ex-trainer, ex – team manager, and a business enthusiast from the Philippines. I am a mom, and I guess you know the reason why I chose to freelance, right? Yes, I want to stay at home while working so I can look after my baby girl. That’s my motivation and where I am getting all the energy I have when working.

To start off here are a few things that I love about working from home or the PROs:


Yes there will be none! ( Except if you like working in a Co-working Space ). Apparently, since you are working from home, you are saving TONS of the following: Effort, time, and of course money! From my experience, the total amount of hours it takes me to go back and forth from home to work is 12 hours — that’s including traffic times. So yeah you’ll save up to um, 4 hours, depending on some hours you are working. You can use that spare time for anything! Or just relax.

2. You Can Eat Whenever You Want

Okay, I’m a foodie and on a diet but heck, that’s one of the perks! Enough said.

3. You Can Spend More Time with Your Family

This is one of the things that I’ve always hoped for when I gave birth to my first child. I was sick to death when I go to the office and leave my child to mom. I mean, I like what I was doing, but the hours missed, the moments I should have shared with my baby weren’t spent wisely.

4. You Can Multitask

With that keyword, get the hint! You Can Wash Clothes and Work at the same time; you know things like that. Although I don’t encourage you to do that, it’s actually on a case to case basis depending on the type of workload you have. If you are an organized person like me, then apps like Trello would be one of your best friends.

If you’re already excited to work as a freelancer, then let me just advise you to read my article about “The Skills You need to have to become a successful freelancer” so you’d understand what’s ahead and know what to expect when you send that proposal to a client.

To kick-off your freelancing career you need to do the following:

    • Prepare your most updated CV in PDF format.
    • Prepare yourself! It’s a tough industry so make sure you stand out!
    • Make sure you have a steady internet connection.
    • Keep your Linkedin profile updated.
    • Once you have done everything above, then start creating profiles in freelancing markets!


This platform has a pool of talented freelancers, and you need to be patient once you’ve started sending out proposals.

2. –

There are so many jobs posted here but to be honest, they are designed to be more pro-client, it encourages employers to post VA jobs for 10,000 pesos! A no-no, you should know that you are worth more than that. Working from home makes them cut extra overhead expenses.

3. –

A marketplace for consultants and freelancers where you can create combo packages on the types of services you offer.

TIP: Choose the best freelance platform for you and build credibility.

Once you have created an optimized profile, prepared your CV then voila! You are ready to work! You need to start sending proposals or simple cover letters to clients.
Remember to keep your proposal personalized to make your potential client feel that you are willing to work with them.