7 Tips for Making Your Brand Stand Out on Social Media

7 Tips for Making Your Brand Stand Out on Social Media

If you are absolutely new to the field of social media marketing then do not read this post because this might just confuse and excite you at the same time.

If you are a marketer, a business owner, or a freelancer who does personal branding on your profile and is familiar with organic marketing strategies, then this post is for you.

It’s no secret that there are many individuals out there who started branding themselves as the go-to person of their field.

You can see lots of people doing long-form content on their profiles – and most seasoned copywriters know this: people are drawn to content that speaks to them. And as your content hits home with the people you want to attract, your social media will continue to blow up in engagement, hence, fortifying your personal brand.

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3 Secrets To Get More Clients on Social Media Groups

3 Secrets To Get More Clients on Social Media Groups

Are you looking for another way to close or connect with more clients? Having a hard time winning proposals via marketplace platforms?

In this post, I will share with you the significance of Social Media Groups in your business.

TBH, I thought that interacting and participating in groups wouldn’t be helpful and so I just join groups and just check out what people post and don’t respond ( not even one like ), but later I learned that it helps in so many ways and I post comments even on the biggest blogs for exposure.

Do not underestimate the power of commenting, I have received multiple inquiries and job offers just because they saw my comment on specific posts.

Here are 3 secrets to getting more clients on social media:

1. You Brand yourself.  

When showcasing your skills by answering questions on comments, people would know what your abilities are, when you help someone, they keep you on top of mind, while people who witness your abilities or read your comments and answers might just turn into your fan and would probably need your expertise in the future.

2. You can attract the people who need your expertise 

People read contents that are useful to them, allowing yourself to engage in certain topics would increase your visibility to the right audience. Attracting the right people who would be interested in the kind of skills would mean more clients for you. The best thing about groups is that most of them are hyper-focused on the same niche as yours (obviously, that’s why you joined them) and the chances you have in landing to that next job/freelancing offer is very high.

3. You create your own opportunities

As stated in number 1, your reader might need your expertise in the future, you are not only expanding your client base, you are also maximizing the use of social media and might not need platforms like Upwork nor onlinejobs.ph, etc in the future ( well just a thought, but they are great platforms to get clients )
Also, you will never know who will stumble upon your answer, it could be a CEO of a certain company who will later do a research about you and then tada! Send you a job offer. Automatic career boost right there, mate!

Don’t be a snob and always help others wholeheartedly. Social Media built a big door of opportunities that is waiting for you to open, stop knocking and get inside it!


What Facebook or Linkedin Groups are you a part of and how are you utilizing it? Are you getting anything out of being a part of the groups you joined? Do you also utilize Youtube comments or Quora? What other career-boosting methods are you doing aside from sending proposals via freelancing platforms? Join My Facebook Group Called Social Media Managers and Growth Hackers where you can interact with social media managers and aspiring ones!