With over 9 years in sales and marketing, I’ve put the best practices I’ve learned in my headline social media marketing programs.

From traditional face-to-face high-ticket product selling

telesales, multi-level marketing, and endless pitching and presentations,

I’ve coursed through these and excelled in several industries.

I also led up not less than 500 people in doing sales and marketing.

In 2015, I decided to take a big leap and became a freelance online marketing professional.

I wanted something on my own – separate from a “team” – and I saw the rise of inbound marketing

People’s buying behaviors and media influence were changing at high speed and I thought I would never be able to forgive myself if I kept sitting on the fence.

And I was right.

I resigned last 2015.

I started freelancing and applied all the sales tactics I’ve learned to close deals with clients.

In my first two months, I have earned my 6-figure income while working from home.

This income level was far too impossible when I was employed.

I mean, sure, several employees and top-level managers make more, but certainly very few enjoying what I enjoy

– my own time on my hands, working in the comforts of my home, never missing my kid’s big moments, and enjoying as much financial independence as possible.

Not long after, I got a spot as a Social Media Manager of a Facebook page and I invested more on improving my skills and knowledge on Marketing, Sales, and Project Management.

You should have seen me.

I would go to different talks, consumed books, and online resources like my life depended on it.

I’ve talked to mentors, hired coaches, and always moved my targets as far as I can.


Pushing the envelope event


I’m a proud self-learner of Social Media strategies and tactics.
I am not a Guru.
I have had my hands dirty with all the platforms out there.

And with this, I’ve narrowed down what works for me, for different people, and for different businesses in different industries.

Several consultants, coaches, digital marketing professionals and small business owners
have changed the way they do business, and have scaled faster have taken the step in
including me in their teams.

Will you be next?

Again, this is Melissa, the Smarketing Evangelist. I am more than happy to have shared my
story and my passions and I wish you an awesome—and very productive– day ahead!

Mel helped us go from unknown to popular brand in town. We increased our revenue and profits because of her. Sharon S

Owner, Pound for Pound Fitness Silang

Digital Marketing Strategist

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