Founder of Sagip Babae Foundation, CVO Melpro Digital and Business Solutions, Partner Dynasty Group Bali & Upward Legacy Holdings  

Living in the present but always evolving.”

– Melissa Profeta


grows brands


creates a safe space for women


reinvents marketing

Melissa Profeta is an accomplished professional with over a decade of experience spanning diverse areas of Marketing and Sales. With a track record of success, she has honed her expertise and developed best practices that have become her hallmark. Throughout her career, Melissa has excelled in various sales approaches, including traditional face-to-face high-ticket product selling, telesales, and multi-level marketing. Her exceptional pitching and presentation skills have garnered recognition across multiple industries.

A true leader, Melissa has effectively guided and mentored teams of over 500 individuals in sales and marketing endeavors. Her ability to motivate and inspire others has resulted in outstanding performance and exceptional results.

In addition to her accomplishments in the corporate world, Melissa has extended her influence through her current endeavors. She co-founded the esteemed Social Media Academy, an institution dedicated to empowering individuals through comprehensive education on leveraging the power of social media and implementing effective strategies for businesses and clients. Under her guidance, the academy’s free Facebook group has amassed over 10,000 active members, fostering remarkable engagement. Moreover, the academy’s exclusive community boasts hundreds of members, further highlighting its impact and value.

Melissa’s commitment to making a positive difference goes beyond her professional pursuits. She founded The Sagip Babae Foundation, an organization dedicated to championing mental health advocacy. Through a range of activities, the foundation promotes awareness, support, and empowerment in this vital area.

Additionally, Melissa holds a prominent position as one of the esteemed board of directors for Upward Holdings, a private equity firm. Leveraging her strategic insights and business acumen, she contributes to the overall success and growth of the company. Specifically, she serves as a valuable member of the board for Upward Legacy Holdings, Inc., guiding the company towards achieving its objectives.


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