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I help authors, coaches, and service-based business owners Attract quality leads, Increase CREDIBILITY AND Speaking Gigs

Through Media Features and Strategic Pitches
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I know that you are ambitious & results-driven.

You have a burning desire to help others achieve their ultimate goals.

And you want to represent your brand in media appearances, speaking at conferences, and be looked up by followers.

Let me help you become a
buzz-worthy identity and increase your credibility so you can get more speaking gigs and media features.

Media Features and Credibility Increasing Solutions

We don’t write pieces for the sake of just publishing an article. We’re going to narrow down the top three main goals you want to achieve in your PR campaign.We will brainstorm the best angles we’ll use to craft your stories and send them all to you for approval.
During the crafting stage, we ensure that the pieces we’ve created meets your goal criteria. Depends on the website we’re going to publish it on, we’re also going to add your links, a brief narrative about your main offer, and more information about your success or work.
We are constantly developing and making sure that we are growing our contacts every now and then. The bulk load of the work here is done by us and we’ll update you every now and then to receive progress about our project status.

So Tell Me...

What would you like to get published for?

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Here are some pieces I've published for clients under Prime Press...

Hey, I’m Melissa.

Your PR Specialist and Community Growth Strategist

I have a decade of experience in varied areas of Marketing and Sales and I’ve put my best practices on my headline.

From traditional face-to-face high-ticket product selling, telesales, multi-level marketing, and endless pitching and presentations, I have coursed through these and excelled in several industries.

I’ve led up not less than 500 people in doing sales and marketing.

I co-founded Social Media Academy which caters to educating individuals who would like to learn how to maximize the power of social media and apply strategies on their businesses or clients. Our free facebook group now has over 10k people with an awesome engagement and we’ve got hundreds of members inside our exclusive community.

Ready to take your brand to the next level through media features and strategic pitches?
Let me help you become a high-credibility resource of your industry!
Very limited spots! Apply Now!

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