Melissa Profeta

I’ve been in the sales space for over 8 years but I just felt the need to switch into a full-time marketer.

From traditional face to face presentation selling of high ticket products to telesales and now, everyone’s favorite, social media.

I’ve lead a sales team of 10 to 500 heads catering to different types of industries.

team leader mel
Although I was at the peak of my career at that time and was being groomed to be promoted, I felt the need to leave that industry and concentrate in a different space – which is Marketing.

Perhaps my experience as a Network Marketer influenced my thoughts and has been whispering inside me that I just had to burst and flee from the sales team.

Another thing is because if the rise of demand in Inbound Marketing. As I foresee it, more more and more consumers are getting wiser at purchasing and mostly influences by several content marketing factors, and so I’ve decided to act as fast as I could and that’s why I am here now.

trainer melI resigned last 2015. I started freelancing and applied all the sales tactics I’ve learned to close deals with clients.

In my first two months, I have earned my 6 figure income while legitimately working from home which was far too impossible when I was employed (no offense).

From then on after snatching a spot as a Social Media Manager of a Facebook Page [tageted to a specific country], I have completely decided to enhance my skills and knowledge on Marketing, Sales and Management.

I’m a proud self-learner of Social Media strategies and tactics. I am not a Guru. I have had my hands dirty with all the platforms out there though (yes, you can call me a tester ).

I am an active community follower and dedicated content consumer of Neil Patel, Gary Vaynerchuk, Sue B. Zimmerman, Juntae Delane, Bryan Kramer and Ann Handley.

melissa profeta

What’s great about my journey is that the combination of skills and mentality I’ve acquired from my past experience helps me face extremely challenging scenarios and working through it until I’ve broken into it. Weird but I prefer it that way, I consider that as learning something new my way.

I am a self-proclaimed Smarketing Evangelist. And I have decided to blog about the topics that you are most likely pretty much familiar with already but with a touch of sales and marketing perspective.

Enjoy reading! Please let me know if you like what I am doing. I am open to feedback. By leaving a comment on the blog, you are helping me -please take note of that. Perhaps sharing it with a friend where applicable, would be great too! It would be an absolute goldmine to me!

Feel free to connect with me via Twitter or Linkedin.

If we share the same passion come join my group! This community is called Social Media Managers and Growth Hackers where we can support each other and learn valuable insights and tips about what we do.